Next Chapter at Victory


A Letter from Pastor Dennis + Colleen

September 17, 2019

Dear Victory Family,

It is with great joy that Colleen and I share the vision of what’s to come for Victory as a church and for us personally. Over the past 30 years, Victory has grown to become one of the largest multicultural churches in America, with 142 nations and 17,000 members across 3 campuses. We know that this has everything to do with the faithfulness of those of you who are a part of the Victory family and, for that, we are grateful.

We recognize, after investing 30 years with Victory, that a shift of leadership is vital both for the future of the church and for the future seasons of ministry Colleen and I share together. Last year, Colleen and I became grandparents, and we see a commensurate connection with what is happening in our relationship to our church family.

What’s Next for Victory?

On Sunday, we announced that our long-time Pastors Johnson and Summer Bowie will become the Senior Pastors of Victory in August 2020. This has been a prayerful decision over the course of several years. We are not stepping down, rather we are stepping aside so Victory can thrive under new leadership. Next year, we see our new role shifting to become more apostolic, as spiritual grandparents here at Victory. 

You will soon see the evidence of God’s mantle on Johnson and Summer Bowie who have been leading our Hamilton Mill campus for nine years. What we appreciate about Johnson and Summer is their heart for the church. They aren’t seeking to change the direction of what has been established at Victory and they will continue to carry the same core values of building families, transforming communities, reconciling cultures, and impacting nations.

Our role, as the older generation, is to let the younger generation know that we are for them.

As we walk through this next year of transition, you will see us move into that new role, while Johnson and Summer join Norcross and assume more Senior Pastor responsibilities. We are thrilled to also see my brother and his wife, Pastors Randy and Cheri Cochran, become the campus pastors of Hamilton Mill. Our role, as the older generation, is to let the younger generation know that we are for them. Colleen and I will be shifting into a mentoring/coaching role to support the Pastoral team of Victory. This transition won’t happen overnight. Consider it like a slow-drip coffee. You know it’s good, but it takes time to brew for the full effect. You can see the full timeline here.

What’s Next for Us?

We love the Church. As Founding Pastors of Victory, we will continue to walk in obedience as He directs us in our next season of ministry. God brought the nations to us in the church; we fell in love with them, and now He is sending us out to the nations. 

We see ourselves as being extensions of Victory to the world, as we plan to travel, speak, and mentor other leaders across the globe.

Over the past year, Colleen launched Thrive Today and developed small group resources for professional women. She has been mentoring a select group of pastor’s wives and business leaders, in addition to traveling and speaking. After releasing 10 Qualities That Move You From A Believer To A Disciple, the book has been translated into five languages and used for small groups and church development all over the world. I’ve been invited to multiple churches and leadership organizations to share what it means to be a disciple of Christ and I will continue to write, travel, and speak across the globe. Together, we want to serve pastors and help train leaders. It is rare to see a husband and wife combo leading round tables together, however we are paving the way for more husband and wife teams to lead effectively.

In order for this transition to be successful, we rely on your involvement as well.

We encourage you to pray and seek the Lord as this transition takes place. It is vital at all times, especially in the midst of change, to know God is near. He is the One unchanging constant in our lives! And at the same time, He is at work doing a new thing in our midst! We are confident and excited about the future of Victory and are looking forward to being a part of all that God has for our church. We love you, we bless you, and we thank you.
With Love,

Pastors Dennis and Colleen Rouse